Bâtard x BiestebroekBis: Bâtard Festival closing party //ticket

One party to end it all. In Aries season, a bright time for new beginnings. In this case, we celebrate the end of yet another Bâtard chapter, leaving room for a brand new one. We’ve collaborated with BiestebroekBis for this one-night escape conveniently called «I’VE GOT ALL MY LOVE TO GIVE», a moment to celebrate the outcast bastard soul and the end of the April edition of Bâtard Festival 2022. So bring on your best party outfit and a bag full of care, consent and fun. Until we meet again, a night to celebrate together.

See you at 23.00 at BiestebroekBis!


DJ Tamqrant


DJ Insecure


Jhaya 007, Nabil Comme des Garçons, Raven Revlon

Makeup by Aya


DJ Tamqrant

TAMQRANT is a project currently managed by Ikram Ettarrahi, a young Riffian-Belgian cross-disciplinary artist with a background in visual arts and currently studying Autonomous Design in Ghent. TAMQRANT advocates for the recognition, visibility, and contextualism of both oral and written literary, poetic, and musical heritage that Amazigh women have kept alive for centuries.

TAMQRANT wants to contribute to a comprehensive archive and collection (e.g. mixtapes) in which different sources, material and immaterial carriers of oral knowledge are given a dignified place and are taken into account for artistic and literary analyses.

By making these connections, TAMQRANT seeks to historicize and understand the lives of their foremothers, as many of the stories, feelings and drive of their resistance were captured in lyricism and rhythm.


© fb.com/jansersphotography 

Playing everything from dancehall and hiphop to afrobeats, kuduro and afrohouse, DJ SAHЯA is infusing the night scene with stirring desert vibes and taking it to startling new heights. Her tunes make you move in ways you either forgot you could, or never knew you would. Turn up if you’re in for a soulful night out on the town…

DJ SAHЯA discovered her love and passion for dj’ing 5 years ago. Since then, she’s played throughout Belgium and she’s a resident dj for Café Au Lait and Mama’s Open Mic. She’s known for her energetic dj sets and knows how to make the audience move! Besides dj’ing, she’s a clinical psychologist in her daily life and she tries to bridge the link between music and mental health.

DJ SAHЯA is someone to keep an eye on!


DJ Insecure

© Yaqine Hamzaoui

DJ Insecure, also known as Fahad Seriki: a man of many musical traits. Radio host, rapper, producer and sound curator. Started dj’ing in 2019 whilst working as an artist under the Belgian household name DVTCH NORRIS. Constantly finding new parts of his musical identity through the Brikabrak collective, it’s his vehicle to express these parts while re-discovering the fun of a new musical quest.




© Jean-Baptiste Friquet

APOTEK is the electronic alter ego of Elisa Di Riccio, an Italian born, Brussels based keyboardist and producer. She has developed her own sound over the years whilst studying music production and working on her skills as musician and singer. 

After performing in various bands, she has recently released her first solo album Unknown Territories which has had support from Tom Ravenscoft and Shaun Keaveny’s BBC radio 6 Music and many others. Recorded during the lonely winter months of 2020, Unknown Territories is a stream of consciousness, a journey from dark and moody electro-pop songs to ethereal ambient tracks made from repetitive patterns and atmospheric beats. 

APOTEK performs as a solo artist.  In her live set, she combines analog and digital synthesizers with ethereal vocals and glitchy powerful visuals.



Jhaya 007, Nabil Comme des Garçons, Raven Revlon

Presenting their project Ballroom 101:

Ballroom 101 is a playful immersion by three dancers from the Brussels ballroom scene. Ballroom 101 is the name we chose to allow the public to have access to a brief introduction of what the ballroom community is and the different categories and vocabulary that can be found there. Nabil Comme Des Garçons, Raven Revlon and Jhaya 007 are ready to take you on a journey into their world.




Makeup by Aya


Aya was discovered in the ballroom and the drag scene. Reality is a controlling mechanism that she explores through make-up, sewing and graphic design. Reintroducing infinite identities will lead to dismantling patriarchy and reveal the beauty.


Global Majority/
BIPOC separatist evening

The show on the first evening (15th April) is a separatistic evening for people of the global majority/BIPOC. So please only book that evening if you identify with those terms. The show on the 16th of April is open for all. ---- We, Adam and Amina Seid Tahir, see how the terms BIPOC and people of color are less fortunate in their attempts of combating white supremacist andimperialistic ideologies, since they form in relation to whiteness (those ”not of color”) and therefore keeps whiteness as the norm. We rather use the term people of the global majority since we aren’t interested in identifying in relation to whiteness or white supremacy. ---- The term Global Majority was coined by Rosemary Campbell-Stephens. ”Global Majority refers to people who are Black, Asian, Brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the global south, and or have been racialised as 'ethnic minorities’.” 1 This term was created for people of the global majority to not have to identify in relation to whiteness and to emphasize the fact that these groups make up the majority of the world’s population, specifically 80%. ---- The reason for choosing to use the term BIPOC despite this, is because we’re aware that the term people of the global majority hasn’t received as widespread attention yet. And since our main goal for this showing is to welcome our siblings from the global majority for a showing without the presence of a white colonial gaze, we choose to use the term that seems to be most commonly used in this festivals locality. ---- 1. Global Majority; Decolonising the language and Reframing the Conversation about Race” by Rosemary Campbell-Stephens, 2020