5th-8th April

Part 1 · magic cells


Bâtard 2023: Part 1 – Magic Cells


Two decades ago (in Earth time), a salty bastard emerged in a far, yet close, punky-funky galaxy. This coincidental mixture of cells multiplied and started to dangerously spread, mostly in obscure spaces, replaying attempts, successes, and failures to resist the artistic undaring boredom. 

(In muggle language, Bâtard is a yearly festival based in Brussels that presents local and international emerging artists. It also serves as a platform that supports, bridges, and facilitates the professionalization of emerging artists and cultural workers.)

Bâtard·es planet is about to receive the landing of the cellular spaceship. While the countdown is on, the stars have concocted hypersour potions to perfectly float.



Before welcoming our guest-creatures, we received a message from the Queen of Planet Sorbito (written with invisible ink at the bottom of the different notices) about when and where to inhale the formulas. This bitchy witch mentioned that The Torch, the Key, and the Snake might find their ways. Mh. 

On top of the silver tower, the new-young-promising-galaxy-manager will guide you on a group-tour of Silicon Mountain, because, well, magic sells.

Last but not least, the wonder-hypnotizer, well-known for their chic, hybrid but brilliant flirtation skills, will throw her wet cells EVERYWHERE. Believe us, my hair woke up horny as fuck.

And as each psychomagic cruise traditionally ends, the Supersour Bubblebrew will be served to all for a last celebration of sweaty bodies, bouncing fat, and safe honey trances.

program · artists

Behind the scenes, an alchemic team of vibrant workers covered by their invisibility capes will sweat day and night to allow it all to take off.

Martin, the pink poet, and sexy researcher, sweet like a candy-bear but quicker than your shadow, produces Bâtard.

Charlotte, whose winged and knife-sharp pen makes your social media shake and cry (seriously, have you read her posts?), communicates Bâtard.

Andrea, the multi-talented aerobitch, can swim in all conceptual dimensions to translate them into hand-made pixels. She designs Bâtard.

Françoise, the newest bastard in town but ready for her fantastic responsibilities, holds the finances of Bâtard. And on the foundations of our former zakelijke queen Jara, a ghost that will never stop haunting bastard dreams.

Regarding the spells, we are not in a position to foresee their side-effects yet, but we can assure you that we are doing everything in our power to ensure the most appropriate deliveries.



As each alien arrives from a different planet, the reception customs differ according to the rites. For that purpose, we are counting on you, dearest bastards, to welcome them with your legendary superpowers (openness and care). Emerging from, to, and through isn’t a piece of magic cake.


Boubou & Sabineski

Global Majority/
BIPOC separatist evening

The show on the first evening (15th April) is a separatistic evening for people of the global majority/BIPOC. So please only book that evening if you identify with those terms. The show on the 16th of April is open for all. ---- We, Adam and Amina Seid Tahir, see how the terms BIPOC and people of color are less fortunate in their attempts of combating white supremacist andimperialistic ideologies, since they form in relation to whiteness (those ”not of color”) and therefore keeps whiteness as the norm. We rather use the term people of the global majority since we aren’t interested in identifying in relation to whiteness or white supremacy. ---- The term Global Majority was coined by Rosemary Campbell-Stephens. ”Global Majority refers to people who are Black, Asian, Brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the global south, and or have been racialised as 'ethnic minorities’.” 1 This term was created for people of the global majority to not have to identify in relation to whiteness and to emphasize the fact that these groups make up the majority of the world’s population, specifically 80%. ---- The reason for choosing to use the term BIPOC despite this, is because we’re aware that the term people of the global majority hasn’t received as widespread attention yet. And since our main goal for this showing is to welcome our siblings from the global majority for a showing without the presence of a white colonial gaze, we choose to use the term that seems to be most commonly used in this festivals locality. ---- 1. Global Majority; Decolonising the language and Reframing the Conversation about Race” by Rosemary Campbell-Stephens, 2020